Membership Procedure.

To become Marriage-Cousel.Com member you have to do following procedure. This procedure is very easy and very simple to do.

  1. First Read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  2. Fill Registration Form with great care and accuracy. Information should be true, accurate, current and complete.
  3. After receiving Registration Form, Marriage-Counsel.Com will assign an application No to this Form and will send it back to you for your verification.
  4. You have to verify this Form and all its contents. Then you have to send it to application@Marriage-Counsel.Com. You can also attach your current photo if you wish to display it with your profile contents.
  5. After sending your application you have to send Registration Fee (you may choose any payment method which you consider better for you).
  6. When we receive your Registration Fee we will do following,
    • We will assign you your Profile ID.
    • We will design Profile Page for you
    • We will send you your Profile Page Link
    • We will give you 5 Points for inquiring others Member’s Contact Information
  7. Now you are the member of Marriage-Counsel.Com

Point System.

After receiving your Registration Fee we will give you 5 Points. You can use these points in future for inquiring about any other Member’s Contact Information (which you think is best match for you). This information may include but not limited to his/her email address, telephone no, and mailing address or any of one.

One Point will be deducted when you inquire us about any other Member’s Contact Information.

When you used your 5 Points you have to purchase additional points (by paying Additional Points Fee) for inquiring more about others Member’s Contact Information. In this way you can inquire us about others Members as many as you wish.

Note: One thing we would like to inform you that other Members can inquire about you and this is Totally Free. We will not charge you for this and will not deduct any Point form your Points.

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